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Georgian Bay Real Estate For Sale

Contact Mike Donia to buy this Georgian Bay Luxury Cottage For Sale

We invite you to make Ontario, Canada . . .


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Downtown Toronto as viewed from this luxury condominium on Bloor St. W. just west of Bay Street


Downtown Toronto: viewed from a luxury condo on Bloor St. W. just west of Bay Street.


Toronto Commercial Real Estate: Bay And Front Streets From Atop The Cn Tower.


Toronto Commercial Real Estate: Bay & Front Sts From Atop The CN Tower.


Honey Harbour Cottage on Georgian Bay: This cottage has been sold yet we can haelp you find your dream cottage: Call Mike 416.233.9000


Honey Harbour Cottage on Georgian Bay: MARK can help you find a dream cottage.


Flag of Ontario - adopted 1968

The Province of Ontario with it's population of over 13 million is the largest in Canada and according to the Canada 2016 Census contained at this time eight of the 20 largest cities in the country.  The province is the fifth largest in terms of Land Area 917,741 square kilometres.  A great place to invest in Real Estate.  With this Ontario Real Estate Sales Web Portal we provide you, the Real Estate Seller and Real Estate Buyer with instant access to functioning websites which will empower you to market your Real Estate Sales on the Internet exclusively.

As sales specialists we are always scouting quality talent to network you with. In terms of Ontario Real Estate this definitely means a licenced professional skilled at the specific sales process: residential, commercial, recreational, industrial and so on.  This way when you are looking to buy and or sell real estate in Ontario (and elsewhere) we are pleased to network you to such sales stars.



Luxury Real Estate in Ontario, Canada


Real Estate For Sale with the price greater than one million dollars:


Our goal is to help enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimization / Optimisation) so that you as prospective real estate buyers can find your offer while also viewing the features and benefits to buy the property for sale (or for rent or for lease) versus that of others on the market.

While our collection of domain names  and websites concentrates on the Central Ontario regions the concept is transferable to serve any of the many regions of the province.  You will note that many of the cities and towns within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have been accounted for, as well as the regions directly to the north including Georgian Bay, Muskoka and Haliburton Highlands.  

Where we hope to define ourselves versus other website advertising and marketing techniques is that you can only use the websites for the time you need them.  We also want to present you with very reasonable rates trusting that when these marketing initiatives prove fruitful for you that you will assign a bonus once earnings have been realised.  We respect that as often the case before the sale is made marketing costs have to be kept frugal. In business there are no guarantees for success and in our pricing structure we operate this knowledge and truth. We also want to believe that when successful you will want to encourage further success and donate resources to charity e.g.

We can develop suitable real estate themed domain names for those cities, towns and or regions currently not presented and can apply our skills at effecting the respective website marketing presence.  Owing to that we have the Internet marketing machine up and running we should be able, God-willing, to effect the Internet presence quickly.

Communities of Georgian Bay, Ontario offer an excellent region to both vacation and reside in. Many people choose to have a summer home here which offers them an escape and refuge from city living.


The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

The GTA has a population of over six million inhabitants and is the largest urban concentration in Canada.  Living in the cities, towns, and rural districts within this sphere places one within an hour's drive to Toronto and thus many people choose to commute this distance to work within the Toronto boundaries.  The main feature of living outside of Toronto in the GTA is that of afforable housing.  Often times people also prefer to live in less concentrated areas to get the small town feeling and yet live within commuting proximity to the large urban centres of the GTA

Ontario Real Estate Neighbourhoods:

 By City or Towns

Georgian Bay, The Muskoka's, Haliburton and the Kawarthas and the Bruce Penisula, Lake Huron and Lake Eirie regions are fabulous recreational playgrounds to the North, East, West and South of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

The Haliburton, Ontario region was selected as the host site for the June 2010 G8 Summit meeting.  Beautiful world class surroundings and environment.


The Greater Toronto Area

From west to east: Hamilton,Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, Caledon, Vaughan, Orangeville, Orangeville, Newmarket, Aurora, King City, Richmond Hill, Markham, Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa






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From Barrie Northwards

Instead of having scented air freshners throughout your chalet, cottage or home for sale, for lease or for rent, place several of the 30 plus varieties of natural soap.  As an added bonus you can use these as personal care products too.

Sandy Hook Soap Factory

Available in Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

Safe Living Technologies`Team are Mitigation Specialists in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR: EMF + RF) to help clean up the electrical pollution in your residential, commercial, organizational or your vacation real estate.


Sustainable Coatings = Eco-friendly a.k.a. Environmentally-friendly Coatings available across Canada, throughout the USA and around the world. When it comes to deck stain and finishes for wood, concreteand other substrates: for interior and exterior applications trust the BRODA Brand made in Canada by CBR Products.


An extensive selection of organic teas: from a most trusted and loving supply source. A percentage of the sale is donated to Plan Canada so you can sip organic tea and know your enjoyment is bringing enjoyment and something positive to others.

Interior Metal Decor + Exterior Metal Decor by Practical Art

Exterior Metal Decor

Interior Metal Decor

Buy Metal Art Online

Commercial Generic Real Estate Websites

Commercial Lands For

While no doubt some of our catalogue domain names can be transferable to marketing Commercial Real Estate Industry we can apply the same skills used in our Residential Real Estate focus to that of the Commercial sector.  In our Toronto Real Estate For Sale 416 dot Com website you will notice we have several other Commercial Real Estate themed websites available in our catalogue of domains.

Real Estate For Rent Or For Lease

Owing to that many of our website domain names extend themselves well to encompass all aspects of real estate we can also craft website presentations and pursue SEO performance for rental or leasing opportunities.  As an example the search term "Beachfront Condos" can represent anything to do with beachfront condos such as real estate for sale, rental, for lease even maintenance, repairs, community association, security systems, landscaping, etc

A note about Private Sales Made Easy

To further help you with the task of Selling Real Estate For Sale we have crafted the above website to share with you the reasons why we recommend you employ a Licensed Real Estate Sales Person and Licensed Real Estate Brokerage.  Selling Real Estate may well be your biggest investment and as such it makes sense to have professionals who are well versed in this practice to help ensure maximum value is attained and to avoid "Murphy's Law": if something can go wrong it will go wrong.

Reasonable Rates To Advertise Your Real Estate For Sale

We have structured this pricing schedule in a manner that enables us to earn revenues for work performed at very reasonable rates as well as providing a vehicle to generate resources for the Community.  You can find out more information about our pricing structure for the web development marketing services offered at the above website.

The costs to web site development are very much front-loaded.  Each item within the "limited" web space of your webpage must be strategically located and crafted.  Ensuring tags are craftily written and integrating the elements of SEO into the webpage presentation.  Once your unique Internet presence has been defined it must be aggressively monitored and maintained and it is only when the desired performance levels have been achieved and maintained that the website maintenance activities can be scaled back.  Of course with the Internet working effectively for you, you hopefully won't need the website for long as the property will have been sold, or more specifically when the deal has been closed and the successful transference of ownership has occurred.  Up until this point we make it our penchant to achieve the top performance level with our SEO skills continuing to be exercised.


We can build an Internet Portal to serve your Ontario Real Estate needs; Both for when buying Ontario Real Estate and selling or listing Ontario Real Estate.


Commemorative Military Apparel

T-Shirts, Shirts, Hats / Caps and more





In the weat-end of Toronto Ontario Canada Dogwalker Dan takes dogs on fun dog walks. 














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